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Rotary Tower Automatic Stretch Wrapping System (model)

Fhopepack (model), fully automatic medium heavy-duty rotary arm stretch packaging system is standard 4000 pounds of load weight, 0 to 12 turret drive. fhopepack mounting thread {c} high performance film delivery system, easy to install, floor anchored integral station design. Its heavy duty, steel construction and support with chain and sprocket drive bearing rings are the best choice for the durability and reliability required for ma-st stretch packaging medium production applications. The ma-st stretch package is an exclusive 3/5 year warranty by Fhopepack.
Film tail cutting and wiping
Simple but effective and accurate description of the unique trailing handle to the ma-st stretch packaging machine. At the end of the packaging cycle, fhopepack's innovative asymmetric film clamps the movie network and impulse hotline service movies. The load is looking for a pneumatic brush that is smooth and ensures that the film is on the tail side of the load as it is sent to the outlet conveyor. The result is an attractive, safe movie tail that stays in the right place using a small amount of movies.
Install threadfilm delivery system
The fhopepack installation of the threaded film delivery system is faced with the side of the roll that is easier to load and thread. Specially designed rollers can stretch the film accurately at 260% of the standard speed.
This highly reliable pre-tensioning system is characterized by the fastest, easiest and safest film loading on the market, as well as a professional "non-contact" film tension sensor for several years of trouble-free stretch packaging The
A mature photo eyes feel more difficult colors and reflections, and Fhopepack's unique sensory system stops installing the package if the periodic stretched film breaks or runs out.
Tower drive
12 "precision bearings are used to support and drive the arm of the ma-st stretch package. The chain and sprocket drives are soft start and stop with minimal wear and tearing of the drive system. The main components are located in easy maintenance and repair The place.
Allen Bradley / Variable Frequency Drive Controller
(Model) stretch packaging machinery using Allen Bradley / series PLC controller, maximum flexibility and reliability. Low maintenance, permanent AC motor frequency conversion in professional ma-st thanks for using the drive (VFD) controller. The free standing controller is CSA certified, UL certified, NEMA 12 rated.
Heavy transport aircraft
Unlike some suppliers, fhopepack builds up all its own conveyors in the house at the quality control and durability limits. An "open" mechanical design ensures that motors, gearboxes are easy to provide services or replace. Each conveyor roller is supported by a full length solid steel shaft and welded to (without pressure) cover. These axles are then finally supported with the reliability and durability of the individual cast bearing.

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