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Rotary Tower Automatic Stretch Wrapping System(model2)

A few years ago, when fhopepack redesigned the two pillars of ma-dx to make it a very stable four-leg design, this stretch-packing machine became the best-selling book in this field. The ma-dx stretch packs can be found in some well-known companies that produce and sell plants and have good reasons. At the price, the full confirmation of the budget fhopepack features a long list.
Installation of threaded film delivery system
The fhopepack installation of the threaded film delivery system is faced with the side of the roll that is easier to load and thread. The system uses a specially designed roller to accurately stretch the film at 260% of the standard speed.
This highly reliable pre-tensioning system is known for its fastest, simplest and safest film loading on the market and is a high quality "non-contact" film tension sensor for years of trouble-free packaging.
A complex photo of the eye feels even difficult to color and reflect the load, Orion's unique installation of the sensing system suspends the packaging cycle if the stretched film breaks or runs out.
Heavy transport aircraft
Unlike some manufacturers, fhopepack uses their own all the conveyors in the house at the quality control and durability limits. "Open" mechanical design to ensure that the motor, gearbox, etc. for repair or replacement. Each conveyor roller is supported by a full length solid steel shaft and welded to (without pressure) cover. These axles are then finally supported with the strength and durability of individual cast bearing bearings.
Film tail cutting and wiping
Simple, but very effective to describe the unique trailer on ma-dx. At the end of the packaging cycle, Fhopepack's revolutionary asymmetric membrane clamp clamped the film net without creating a "hot-rod cutting blade." The load was sought to smooth the pneumatic brush and protect the film's tail from the side of the load as it was conveyed to the exit conveyor. Is an attractive, safe movie tail that stays in the right place to use a small amount of movies.
Tower drive
20 "precision bearings are supported by its ma-dx using a drive swivel arm. The chain and sprocket drives are soft start and stop with minimal wear and tearing of the drive system. The main parts are located in a location for easy maintenance and repair.
Allen Bradley / Variable Frequency Drive Controller
The ma-dx stretch package uses Allen Bradley / Series PLC controllers for maximum flexibility and reliability. Low maintenance, durable AC motor in ma-55 with advanced variable frequency drive (VFD) controller applications. The free standing controller is CSA certified, UL certified, NEMA 12 rated.

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