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Rotary Tower Automatic Stretch Wrapping System (model3)

Fhopepack ma-x stretch packaging and rotary stretch packaging is our representative of the speed of the rotating tower, the load capacity and characteristics. The ma-x stretch package can handle load loads up to 6,000 rpm at 0-30 rpm 120 per hour load loop. The automatic rotary stretch packaging machine is the best choice for high throughput, high reliability, high efficiency and long term durability.
Heavy transport aircraft
Unlike some manufacturers, Fhopepack is rooted in all its own conveyor houses at the peak of quality control and durability. An "open" mechanical design ensures that the motor, gearbox is easy to provide service or replacement. Each conveyor roller is supported by a full length steel shaft and welded to a (no pressure) cover. The strength and durability of these shafts ultimately depends on the cast iron housing.
Tower drive
33 "precision bearings are used to support and drive the ma-x stretch packaging rotary arm. Chain and sprocket drives are soft start and stop, minimal wear and tear of the drive system. The main components are located in easy maintenance and repair areas.
Installation of thread membrane delivery system
The thread membrane delivery system is installed fhopepack facing the roll, easy to load and wire side. The system uses specially designed rollers to precisely stretch the film at a standard speed of 260%. This highly reliable pre-tensioning system is characterized by the fastest, easiest and safest film loading on the market, as well as a professional "non-contact" film tension sensor for years of trouble-free stretch packaging. A mature photo eye color and reflex loading is more difficult, and Fhopepack's unique sensory system prevents the package from being installed in the periodic stretched film to break or run out.
fhopepack is rugged, with local switches, buttons and pots on the control panel. It is logical and easy to control. Large mushroom type emergency stop button Close machine moment. This standalone controller is CSA enabled and NEMA 12 rated. The ma-x stretch packaging machine utilizes Allen Bradley / Series PLC controllers for maximum flexibility and reliability. Low maintenance costs, durable AC motors in ma-x stretch packaging Thank you for using the advanced variable frequency drive (VFD) controller.

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