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Conveyorized Twin Station Stretch Wrapper(model)

Class 2 safety class
The Fhope, which provides the 2 level of security as a standard device, has a unique market, not an option. As a level 2 security level, you'll find a complete 8x high fence access point, and the incoming and outgoing electronic quiet parts of the curtain.
Allen Bradley / frequency conversion drive controller
Make full use of powerful Fhope MicroLogix 1400 PLC from Allen Bradley and 6 color touch screen operation control panel. Drive all AC motors with VFD to ensure high reliability and low maintenance. For convenience, there are PLC COM ports, two 115VAC dot external controllers.
Heavy duty racks and conveyors
Unlike some machines in the market, Fhope builds its rack structure and the largest wear resistant steel on the board in harsh industrial environments. Powder coatings provide a tough and attractive finish that will last for decades. The standard Fhope Elite conveyor has 4000 pounds, and the drive roller of the characteristic drive chain pushes the maximum weight of 30 FPM. Soft start and soft stop function, to prevent load displacement, start and stop load movement lightly.
Maximum economical freight
Fhope's proven silk film delivery system, which reduces your cost with each load of your packaging film pre stretched film before packaging to 300%. When the load is connected to the corner of the film supply, support an electronic angle compensation system, can accelerate the transfer film, ensure that all parts of the load with film tension, better economy, and eliminate the overflow during packing load. Ergonomically designed transport faces rapid and easy side films.
Heavy sprocket drive
The foot turntable is provided by a highly reliable chain and sprocket system, providing precise motion and making the turntable easy to maintain and maintain. The basic hair system includes feed conveyor, conveyor belt and export conveyor.

The main advantages of Flex CTS
Flex CTS does not require the operator to attach and cut the stretch film and eliminate the time lost by the forklift driver watching the package. Simply retract the gravity dial on the tray or through the forklift conveyor, the rope switch or the starter and the remote control. The machine will package the load because you have pre-determined it to do, automatically adapting the load to the size and shape (in the machine specification). At the end of the packaging cycle, the load will be transferred to the exit pick-up section, releasing the turntable to receive another load.
The film is pre-stretched (elongated) at 260% "treated" stretch film with maximum linear strength and load hold while reducing material costs. The film force load control is automatic, like the cruise control, so the film constantly adapts to the load shape, size and machine speed, resulting in maximum stretching when the smallest film rupture. In order to reduce the loss of transportation and reduce the cost of materials, appropriate packaging of goods.
Function, uptime and secure interaction are critical to your operation! The Orion flex series includes many standard features to improve machine performance, uptime and safety operator interaction (usually with competitive mode options).
flex operating characteristics
Motor-driven turntable conveyors (no load "push"!)
Easy to use intellevue man-machine interface controller
Up to 9 different load types of packaging recipes
The independent up / down package count is adjustable from 1-9.
Separation / lift film transport speed control (no single speed control!)
Membrane force automatic loading control (no load cell or strain gauge!)
Automatic load height detection of photoelectric tube
With switch cycle start (including remote wireless remote control optional)
Automatic clamping and cutting (no operator!)
Film tail ballast (helps prevent film from falling off!)
The film draws the "curly hair" movie lock load the tray
flex durability of flex
Precision ring bearing turntable support (no casters!)
Linear / sprocket drive (no belt!)
Industrial PLC controller (no proprietary microprocessors!)
AC motor (no DC motor brush!)
Power track film tray cable tray
Structural steel pipe foundation frame
Flex CTS security interaction features
Install the threaded film frame, "insert the drop
Submerged obstruction detection, stop driving
Movie car lock device to prevent free fall.
Operation sequence
1. The pallet load is set on the loading area (turntable conveyor) by means of a forklift.
2. The driver away from the back, pull the rope switch to start packaging packaging cycle
Once the packaging cycle is complete, the load is transferred to the exit extraction station.
4. The drive sets the other load on the turntable and picks up the loaded load.
Standard ability
Maximum load size 48 "W x 48" L x 72 "H
Minimum load size 36 "W x 36" L x 15 "h
Weighing up to 4000 pounds
Stretch film 20 "wide, up to 110 meters
115/1 / 60, 20 amps Electrical Services
80 pounds of clean, dry compressed air @ 3 CFM
Turntable structure, support and drive
Precision ring bearing turntable support system
Adjustable soft start speed up to 15 rpm
Heavy duty chain sprocket drive
Variable frequency drive AC drive motor
Electronic adjustable acceleration and deceleration (soft start)
Adjustable film sleeve - "curly hair" movie for the rope lock to the Pallet
Automatic film tail
Film tail clip, hot film cutting machine, lamination machine loading system
control function
Easy to use touch screen HMI panel display for easy operation.
Industrial Programmable Controllers (Non-Dedicated)
For emergency and major power industry switches
Separate top and bottom 1-9 package count selector
Independent film frame up and down speed control
A photoelectric tube for automatic load height detection
NEMA 12 dust / splash control box
Digital control of motor speed
24 VDC control
Film transport, stretch and transport
20 "Fhope installation of threaded dynamic pre-tensioned film delivery system
260% standard pre-stretching (sprocket from 100% to 300%)
Automatic film force loading control works such as cruise control
No sense sensor "shock absorber" film dance rod
Precise polyurethane pre-stretching roll for guaranteed film production
Variable frequency drive AC drive motor
No lubrication belt lifting / lowering lock system technology
Multi-point precision guidance system for transport
Install movie / broken sense of logic
Electronic film tension control adjustment
Easily cut into the movie thread design
Conveyor features
Power wheel conveyors
5 gravity discharge conveyor
2.5 "diameter roller 3.25" center
18 "roller top height x 52" conveyor width

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