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Rotary Tower Automatic Pallet Wrapper (model) Rotary Tower Automatic

The RTA semi-automatic stretch packaging system is the fastest way to improve the efficiency of the terminal line packaging, eliminating the need for the operator to manually attach the tail of the film to the load and then to cut and fix the tail of the film at the end of the cycle. The RTA's elastic package automatically performs these functions, and your operator only needs to load, pull the rope's cycle and take other duties. When they return, the load is safely packed and ready to be removed.
Including automatic movie tail attachments, cutting and news capabilities. Without the maximum load weight capability, your product requirements are easy to meet. There is a floor mount control panel, flexible structural steel structure with durability.
The sling began through the flex series of standards. The obstacle sensing system mounted on the tower can be used in a more manageable, safer environment. Precisely, there is a precision ring bearing drive system available.

7 "intellevue color HD touch screen man-machine interface
16 speed tower
Automatic film tail sticking / shearing / pressing
Start to hang the lanyard
No maximum load capacity
Precision ring bearing drive system
To reduce the maintenance of AC / variable frequency motors
Durable structural steel structure
Heavy chain and sprocket drive
Tower Barrier Sensing System

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