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Portable Automatic Stretch Wrapping System (model) High Profile Automatic

The attaching operators and help the free from the cutting. the place where the operator of the tray is loaded on the mechanical switch, and while the bottom sweater hangs. The packaging machinery will perform automatic rounds from without any operation. (Refer to the Tail "movie to the load at the beginning of the Circle, and it in the end. This can obviously stretch the packaging enhance the efficiency of your operation.
The Flex series of amplifier work is really economical. The system is designed to reduce the manual forklift from the front or post-operative mobile phone. The maximum load is 5,000 pounds for HPA capacity for the Flex series. with the by 48 48 inch inch for the load up to 50 x 50 inch inch, HPA varies from the available this series. Octagonal discs for Easy with an forklift loading, The Product Safety and Security can be Assured.

"Intellevue HD touch screen 7 color HMI
15 change speed and "soft start"
5000 pounds of body weight maximum load capacity.
Efficient power pre-stretch film 260%
48 "x48" turntable for load up to 50 "X50"
Automatic packaging loop for operator efficiency
octagonal turntable for easy forklift first page load
AC / VFD car to reduce maintenance
Steel frame structure for durable
ergonomically friendly design
From the front of the front of the portable gold forklift first page
Precision ring on the support ring bearing

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