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Portable Automatic Stretch Wrapping System(model) Low Profile Automatic

Semi-automatic stretch packaging systems are the quickest way to improve the efficiency of terminal packaging, allowing the operator to manually attach the film tail to the load and then cut and protect the film tail at the round end. (Model) stretch wrapper can automatically complete all functions. Therefore, the operator only needs to load the load, pull the rope to start the circle, and perform other tasks. When the load returns, the load will be safely packed and will be removed.
The packaging machine includes an automatic film tail with additional, cutting and pressing functions. Without the maximum load weight capability, your product requirements can be easily met. In addition, it is equipped with a flooring to install the control panel with the flexibility to structure the durability of the steel structure.
The latest technology is to use Flex (model) and hanging rope series --- a start cycle. A tower-type obstacle sensing system can be used for easier control and safe environments. Precise, there is a precision ring bearing drive system available.

"Intellevue HD touch screen 7 color HMI
15 change speed and "soft start"
5000 pounds of body weight maximum load capacity.
Efficient power pre-stretch film 260%
63 "diameter turntable for load up to 50" X50 "
Automatic packaging loop for operator efficiency
Through the pallet load forklift first page, jack gold electric walkie-talkie
AC / VFD car to reduce maintenance
Full surround protection turntable deck
Steel frame structure for durable
ergonomically friendly design
From the front of the front of the portable gold forklift first page
Precision ring on the ring bearing support and add duraglide bearings

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