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Turntable Pallet Wrapper(model) Low Profile Deluxe

Cost-effective, solid and reliable.
Design and construction of a low pendulum luxury series tray packing machine, economical, efficient and safe. These stretch packaging machines will provide you with all the features you need, packaging the tray load quickly and effectively using the least stretch film. There are several available options, such as double turntable, extension base or mast, or 30 "movie carriage, you can have your Flex series of low-key luxury machine doing exactly what you need to do.
Low-key luxury to ensure high-quality product processing. Equipped with a complete enclosure protection turntable, safe and reliable products. In terms of equipment safety, the low profile luxury flex series is built of a rugged structural steel frame.
This pallet wrapper has a maximum load weight of 5,000 pounds and a high efficiency of 260% of the dynamic film pre-stretching. Remember the quality of the product, Fhope ensures that the equipment is safe, safe and reliable.

"Intellevue HD touch screen 7 color HMI
15 change speed and "soft start"
5000 pounds of body weight maximum load capacity.
Efficient power pre-stretch film 260%
63 "diameter turntable for load up to 55" x55 "
Through the pallet load forklift first page, jack gold electric walkie-talkie
AC / VFD car to reduce maintenance
Full surround protection turntable deck
Steel frame structure for durable
ergonomically friendly design
From the front of the front of the portable gold forklift first page
duraglide quiet and reliable operation for supporting bearings

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