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Pallet Inverter: The way to reduce your cost in storage, handling and distribution

We are one of leading manufcuterer for pallet invereter and pallet changing machines in China. The pallet inverter equipments manufactured by Fhone Group, is used to change or remove the pallet from the bottom of the load.

Our pallet changer is designed with different types in order to be suitable for different loads. This machine can be used in the whole process of touch operation without human involvement. The pallet inverter will meet the customer's different needs from the stack heights, pallet size and weight. The strong structure and clamper ensure the pallet is stable in changing process.

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Roller Chain Drives​

  • Single clamper moves down from the top point
  • Large range for different sized pallets
  • Heavy load capacity is able to customize

Dual clamper pallet inverter

  • Double clampers clamping from both up and down directions
  • Faster clamping speed and more balanced turnover position
  • Large range for different sized pallets

Ground loading pallet inverter

  • Dual platen clamping and centralizing the pallet and goods
  • Sensors are able to attached to stop clamping automatically, avoid damage to goods
  • Floor level design for loading with pallet truck/jack and forklift

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Pallet Inverter

Heavy load reclining pallet inverter

Heavy load reclining pallet inverter With heavy load recline pallet inverter you can quickly and easily change the pallet from a load or replace a broken pallet that has broken. Inverters work a recline then rotate method of tipping the load through 90 degrees onto its back so that it is centralised over a turntable during rotation.

Pallet Inverter

pallet inverter | floor level handling

The pallet inverter is an efficient floor-level handling machine designed for pallet handling. This equipment is constructed with high-quality components from well-known brands, ensuring reliable and durable performance. With its advanced features and user-friendly design, the pallet inverter is an ideal choice for businesses seeking an efficient and effective solution for pallet handling. 

Pallet Inverter

Mobile pallet inverter

Mobile pallet inverters are specialized handling equipment that are used to rotate or flip pallets for various purposes, such as for loading or unloading goods onto shelves or for transporting items in warehouses or other storage facilities. These devices are designed to be highly efficient, with features such as easy maneuverability and precise control of the inverting process.