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Welcome to Hindustan Technopack Faridabad, a leading manufacturer of advanced pouch packing machines for namkeens and other food products. In this video, we present our top-of-the-line Food Packing Machine designed specifically for Tea Packing (100 Gram).

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➡️ Video Overview:
In this informative video, we showcase our cutting-edge Food Packing Machine, specifically engineered for Tea Packing (100 Gram) applications. Our machine ensures precise and efficient packaging, maintaining the freshness and quality of the tea.

🔧 Key Features:
– High-speed packaging: Our machine operates at an impressive speed, ensuring quick and efficient tea packing.
– Accurate weighing system: The machine incorporates a highly precise weighing system, guaranteeing consistent tea portions.
– User-friendly interface: With an intuitive control panel, our machine allows easy operation and adjustments.
– Quality packaging: Our machine ensures air-tight and hygienic packaging, preserving the aroma and taste of the tea.
– Versatile design: The machine is versatile and can be adjusted to accommodate various tea packaging requirements.

📝 Operation Steps:
1. Prepare the tea for packaging, ensuring it meets the quality standards.
2. Adjust the machine settings according to the desired packaging specifications.
3. Load the tea into the machine’s hopper for automatic feeding.
4. The machine accurately weighs the tea and fills it into pouches, ensuring consistency.
5. The pouches are then sealed securely, ensuring freshness and preventing any leakage.
6. The packaged tea is ready for distribution, ensuring customer satisfaction.

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