“Efficient Noodle Packaging System: Automated Line with Pouch Dispenser and Group Packing for Instant Noodles”

Title: “Efficient and High-Speed Automatic Packing Line for Instant Noodles – Enhancing Productivity and Quality”

Welcome to our video showcasing the remarkable Automatic Packing Line for Instant Noodles. This state-of-the-art packing machine line incorporates an automatic pouch dispenser and noodles group pack, ensuring seamless packaging at an impressive speed of 200 bags per minute for each set of machines. Additionally, it features an auto dispenser for seasoning flavor bags, providing a complete and efficient packaging solution.

In this informative video, we present the Automatic Packing Line specifically designed for the packaging needs of instant noodles. Delivering exceptional efficiency, speed, and precision, this advanced packing machine line revolutionizes the packaging process, enabling manufacturers to enhance productivity and maintain superior quality standards.

Video Content:
1. Overview of the Automatic Packing Line:
– Discover the cutting-edge features and components of the Automatic Packing Line, including the automatic pouch dispenser and noodles group pack.
– Learn about the high-speed capabilities, with each set of machines capable of packaging 200 bags of instant noodles per minute.
– Explore the automatic dispenser for seasoning flavor bags, streamlining the packaging process.

2. Key Highlights and Benefits:
– Gain insights into the benefits of utilizing the Automatic Packing Line, such as increased productivity, reduced labor costs, and improved packaging efficiency.
– Learn how this innovative solution ensures consistent portion control, maintaining the desired product quality.
– Understand how the automatic pouch dispenser and noodles group pack feature contribute to a seamless packaging process, minimizing downtime and maximizing output.

3. Operation Steps:
– Follow a step-by-step guide on how to operate the Automatic Packing Line efficiently.
– Learn about the intuitive controls and user-friendly interface, simplifying the packaging process.
– Witness the precision and accuracy of the auto dispenser for seasoning flavor bags, ensuring the perfect blend of taste in each pack of instant noodles.

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Here is a sample code for a tilter used in an instant noodles automatic packing machine line with an automatic pouch dispenser and noodles group pack:

import time

class Tilter:
def __init__(self):
self.angle = 0

def tilt(self, angle):
print(f”Tilting to angle: {angle} degrees”)
# Code to control the tilter motor and tilt to the desired angle
time.sleep(1) # Simulating the tilting process
self.angle = angle

def reset(self):
print(“Resetting the tilter”)
# Code to reset the tilter to the initial position
time.sleep(1) # Simulating the resetting process
self.angle = 0

class AutomaticPouchDispenser:
def __init__(self):
self.pouch_count = 0

def dispense_pouch(self):
print(“Dispensing a pouch”)
# Code to control the pouch dispenser and dispense a single pouch
time.sleep(1) # Simulating the pouch dispensing process
self.pouch_count += 1

class NoodlesGroupPack:
def __init__(self):
self.pack_count = 0

def pack_noodles(self, num_noodles):
print(f”Packing {num_noodles} noodles into a group pack”)
# Code to pack the given number of noodles into a group pack
time.sleep(1) # Simulating the packing process
self.pack_count += 1

# Usage example
tilter = Tilter()
pouch_dispenser = AutomaticPouchDispenser()
group_pack = NoodlesGroupPack()

tilter.tilt(90) # Tilting to 90 degrees

tilter.reset() # Resetting the tilter to the initial position

In this example, we have three classes: `Tilter`, `AutomaticPouchDispenser`, and `NoodlesGroupPack`. The `Tilter` class controls the tilter motor and has methods to tilt to a specific angle and reset to the initial position. The `AutomaticPouchDispenser` class controls the pouch dispenser and has a method to dispense a single pouch. The `NoodlesGroupPack` class handles the packing of noodles into group packs and has a method to pack a given number of noodles.

In the usage example, we create instances of these classes and use their methods to perform the necessary actions for the instant noodles packing process. Automatic Packing Line
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