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Welcome to our YouTube video showcasing our high-quality Rice Packing Machine with Auto Feeder. Established in 1990, Excell Pack Machines has emerged as one of the leading manufacturers in the industry, providing state-of-the-art packaging solutions for various food products, including cooked rice.

In this video, we will dive into the features and operation of our innovative rice packing machine. Our cutting-edge technology ensures efficient and precise packaging, saving both time and labor costs. With the auto feeder function, the machine seamlessly handles the packaging process, making it ideal for large-scale production.

Key Highlights:
1. Advanced Automation: Our rice packing machine is equipped with an auto feeder, eliminating the need for manual feeding. This automated process significantly increases productivity and reduces human error.

2. Accurate Weighing and Packaging: The machine ensures precise weighing of cooked rice, ensuring consistent portion sizes and minimizing wastage. The packaging process is swift and reliable, maintaining the quality and freshness of the rice.

3. User-Friendly Interface: Our machine features an intuitive interface that allows operators to easily control and monitor the packaging process. Its user-friendly design minimizes the learning curve and facilitates smooth operation.

Operation Steps:
1. Start by setting the desired portion size and packaging specifications on the machine’s control panel.
2. The auto feeder gently dispenses the cooked rice into the packaging bags, ensuring proper distribution.
3. The machine accurately measures and weighs the rice, guaranteeing consistent portion sizes.
4. The packaging bags are sealed securely, maintaining the freshness and quality of the rice.
5. The packed rice bags are ready for transportation or storage.

At Excell Pack Machines, we are committed to providing top-notch packaging solutions to meet the increasing demands of the food industry. With our rice packing machine, you can streamline your production process, enhance efficiency, and deliver high-quality packaged rice to your customers.

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Here is a sample code for a tilter for a rice packing machine with an auto feeder for cooked rice:

# Import necessary libraries
import RPi.GPIO as GPIO
import time

# Set GPIO mode

# Define pin numbers
motor_pin = 17
feeder_pin = 27

# Set up GPIO pins
GPIO.setup(motor_pin, GPIO.OUT)
GPIO.setup(feeder_pin, GPIO.OUT)

# Function to tilt the machine
def tilt_machine():
# Start the motor to tilt the machine
GPIO.output(motor_pin, GPIO.HIGH)
time.sleep(1) # Adjust the sleep time according to the required tilt duration

# Stop the motor
GPIO.output(motor_pin, GPIO.LOW)

# Function to feed the rice
def feed_rice():
# Activate the feeder mechanism
GPIO.output(feeder_pin, GPIO.HIGH)
time.sleep(1) # Adjust the sleep time according to the required feeding duration

# Deactivate the feeder mechanism
GPIO.output(feeder_pin, GPIO.LOW)

# Main program loop
while True:
# Check for input to initiate tilting and feeding
user_input = input(“Press ‘T’ to tilt the machine or ‘F’ to feed rice: “)

if user_input.upper() == ‘T’:
elif user_input.upper() == ‘F’:
print(“Invalid input. Please try again.”)
except KeyboardInterrupt:
# Clean up GPIO pins on program exit

Please note that this code assumes you are using a Raspberry Pi and have the necessary GPIO libraries installed. You may need to adjust the pin numbers according to your specific setup. Also, make sure to connect the motor and feeder mechanism to the correct pins on the Raspberry Pi.Food Packing Machine

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